Follow up better. Close deals faster. With video.

The easiest way to sell more


Video is the fastest way to a sale.

With a 5 minute learning curve, individuals and teams can be warming up cold leads the same day.

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Video Email to Impress your Customers

Grabbing attention is the first part of any sale. With our video emails and sms texting ability you’ll see up to a 70% increase in customer engagement.

Following up with video is the FUTURE OF SALES

93% of Communication is voice inflection and body language. Video is the most powerful way to build trust and rapport which is fundamental to making a sale.

Rest Assured That Your Message Has Been Received

Get notified the minute your customers have opened your video. Know how long they watched your video to follow up better.


Deliver Personal Pages in Minutes

It’s as simple as sending an email but 10X’s more powerful

Tony White

While competitors are sending your customer boring email messages and leaving drab voicemails you’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest with Quickpage. Impress your customers with media rich pages which increase the likelyhood of a customer interaction by 70%.

Quickpage Page

Share your Page with your Contacts

Quickpage makes it easy to reach your customers

Baron Washington Jr.

Our sharing feature allows you to share your page to one contact or an entire list.

Quickpage Share

Send High Resolution Videos via Text and Email

Video emailing and texting have proven to be the most powerful ways to reach leads and customers. Quickpage makes this easy.

David McGuffin

Statistics show that 90% of text messages get opened up within 3 minutes. In addition, video emails are seeing a 30% better open rate over traditional text emails. That combination will take your sales to the next level.


70% Increase in Customer Engagement

Nothing prompts a reply back like a personal video message to your customer

Keith McKenzie

You'll be hooked from the moment your first notification comes in showing your customer live on your page. The page statistic will show you how many times your customer opened the page and how long they stayed on your page. Statistics like this are priceless for sales as it lets you know how engaged your customer is and how to best follow up with them.

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Quickpage Faq

Have questions about Quickpage?

Does my customer need to have the Quickpage app to view a page

NOPE - If your customer has a smart phone, tablet or computer they will be able to view your page and communicate with you on your page.

Will Quickpage work with my current CRM?

YES. Keep your CRM. We've designed Quickpage in a way that allows you to use our app alongside your CRM. Each customer has a unique profile link, allowing you to keep track of every customer detail in one easily accessible spot.

How is sending a Quickpage different than sending an email with a YouTube link?

THE DIFFERENCE IS NIGHT AND DAY! There's no bigger distraction than youtube, and no better place to send your customers if you want to risk them seeing your competitor! With Quickpage, your customer has a distraction free page made just for them and there are only 2 things that customer can do on your page.

Consume the content you've added to the page (youtube video, images, personal videos, PDF's).

Contact YOU (chat, email, phone).

This is only 1 of many reasons to send them to a Quickpage over YouTube. With Quickpage, you will be able to communicate with your customer in live time over chat. With Quickapge, not only can you attach that SAME youtube video, but you can track HOW LONG your customer has stayed on that page watching the video. Those are critical metrics for a sales person to know!

How long does it take to build a Quickpage?

You can build and share a page in as little 1 minute. The average time spent making a Quickpage is about 5 minutes.

Will I know when my customer views the page?

YES. The moment your customer opens the page you will get a notification. You will be able to see when they are live on the page, so that you can make yourself available to answer any of their questions in live chat.

Can I send a single Quickpage to more than 1 person?

YES. You can send and share the same page to as many customers as you would like, one at a time or all at the same time. Each individual person you send that Quickpage to will be able to communicate with you privately on that page.

What is the average learning curve for a sales team?

About 1 day. We've spent thousands of hours making sure Quickpage is EASY to learn and integrate into your team. Your team will continue learning and discovering new and creative ways to use Quickpage the more they use it.

What is the value of having a team vs individual users?

When you have a team you have access to these valuable Quickpage features.

SHARED FOLDERS: Team members can share media folders. Say for example you make a folder for each model of car with images, video walk arounds and related YouTube videos- you can instantly share this media with your team. This allows the entire team to leverage all work and makes building a page even faster.

SHARED MESSAGES: Team Members can share canned messages. If you have a script that is working with customers, you can share it with the entire team.

TRANSPARENCY: Admins and Mangers can see all of the communications with leads their team is handling and even follow up with customers on their behalf.

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Join The Video Revolution

Technology is changing rapidly and so is the way we communicate with another human.

You have a window of opportunity to CRUSH your competition before they catch on to the effectiveness of video. Now is the time to dominate your market.

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