Automotive Video Email Case Study – Ryan Chevrolet of Minot, ND

Chad Morgan

Automotive Video Email Case Study – Ryan Chevrolet of Minot, ND

What happened when this dealership added video to their digital retailing strategy?

While video email is making waves in the automotive industry, personalization is hard to come by. Even though the stats scream that consumers want and expect video to help them make buying decisions, most dealerships haven’t adopted video into their process.

  • 75% of car shoppers say that video has influenced their buying decisions.
  • 80% of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase when they have a personalized experience.
  • 72% of customers would rather watch a video on a product rather than reading about it.

Check out this case study from Ryan Chevrolet, one of the first dealerships in their group to adopt new digital retailing strategies and implement Quickpage video email. See how they increased engagement with leads, shortened the sales cycle and drove profitability.

Ryan Chevrolet’s Story

Throughout 2020, Quickpage reinvented our sales process.

Shane Prough GM, Ryan Chevrolet

In early 2020, a global pandemic threatened to destroy our industry. It looked as if showrooms were going to become obsolete. Customers couldn’t visit our showrooms but our rent was still due. It was time to adapt or die out.

We found out that customers are 8x more likely to watch a video someone made for them, than an email they were sent. Knowing just how many buyers shop around for a car, we wanted a competitive edge. 

So we dove into uncharted waters. We were the first auto dealership within our group to sign on with Quickpage; but we had no idea how quickly the tool would become integral to our sales process. Now, our only regret is not being able to go back in time and sign up sooner. 

In 4 months, despite the pandemic, our dealership blew up: 

  • 125 more car sales
  • 90 more appointments set
  • 183 more appointments shown (14% increase in show rate)
  • $454 increase in gross profit per vehicle sold

Ever since working with Quickpage, we have been able to connect with our customers in a much more personable, easy, and authentic manner. “We see a new and unparalleled confidence in our sales team.”

automotive video email
quickpage automotive video email

The Results 

“Our whole staff is on board now. In just four months, we’re grossing $54,000 more than we did before the pandemic; before we had to shut down and work with a completely virtual showroom. Imagine what we could achieve with a fully functioning, in-person showroom combined with the power of Quickpage.”

-Shane Prough GM, Ryan Chevrolet

Thanks to Quickpage, Ryan Chevrolet is the gold standard of the industry — with response times to leads down to just 7 minutes. Ditch the phone call scripts and endless email drafts; make a resounding impact in just as much time with Quickpage. 

Automotive Needs a Digital Transformation

Dealerships around the country know that the market right now is a challenging one for buyers and sales teams alike. Prices are climbing, and inventory is running ever lower. Sales teams need an edge — a way to bring more used car appraisals onto the lot and get those frustrated buyers to see the value in every car.

Every car sale is unique. Quickpage puts your sales team in a position to personalize your communication with every consumer, no matter how they are shopping. A fully digital buying experience transforms the deal process, shortens the sales cycle and drives profitability.

Schedule a demo now:

  • The quickest way to understand the Quickpage experience is to try it yourself, 100% risk free. 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked  
  • Discover the tool top auto dealers are profiting from in 2022
  • Take the tool revolutionizing the auto industry for a test-drive (pun 100% intended!) 

Imagine what you could accomplish in the next three months. Find out how Quickpage can help your sales and customer service teams start seeing the results of using video by scheduling a demo now.

Discover how easy and intuitive it can be to build a personal relationship with your customers. Find out why dealers who thought video responses weren’t for them; changed their minds.

During your demo, experience the easy-to-use team dashboard and be one of the first to know about the full suite of features we built for dealerships including our built-in inventory integration, CRM integrations with Elead, Dealersocket and VinSolutions plus analytics that track and measure team output and success.

Instantly receive a video from Quickpage with a calendar link to schedule your demo by clicking here now. 

*these metrics are a comparison of the September-December 2019 to September-December 2020 periods, at the same dealership and location
2 In 2020, Wyzowl data showed 80% of video marketers directly increased sales using video. 83% said video helped with lead gen, and 87% increased website traffic using video. As we transition back to normal, video is here to stay.

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