Sending a Video Message to Every Lead – Ancira Nissan Case Study


Sending a Video Message to Every Lead – Ancira Nissan Case Study

Ancira Nissan’s journey to get a video message into the hands of every lead and what that did to their conversions.

The challenge

Ancira Nissan is the kind of dealership with processes on top of processes. Before we even approached them, they were already well on their way to following up with every single lead with a personal video message. It had done wonders for their numbers. Compared to neighboring dealerships, they were absolutely killing it. 

The problem lay in the clunky, hard-to-use software that Ancira Nissan was using. Its integrations and processes were cumbersome, so much so that salespeople weren’t always following up. Not only that, it was difficult for managers to track who was falling through the cracks. 

To reach that next level of success, Ancira Nissan needed to integrate software that: 

  • Let them send, track, and manage leads easily and efficiently
  • Was simple and straightforward enough to not intimidate team members so that everyone would use it every time 
  • Let them track everyone using the video message software so they could encourage anyone slow on the uptake

Enter Quickpage. We set out to show them to see how much more they could do and how much time they could save using our video follow-up app. They took us up on our offer, and the results speak for themselves. 

The outcome

After just one month with Quickpage, Ancira Nissan saw every single salesperson following up with every lead, 100% of the time. The lead-to-sale conversion went up by 3% and the appointment show rate went up by 11%.

Keep in mind, Ancira was already using video messaging to boost their conversions. These improvements came solely from switching to Quickpage and having a seamless integration that the entire team can use and track. 

Needless to say, Ancira Nissan was thrilled with their success, and they were more than happy to tell us about it via video interview.

This case study is built around that interview.

Check out their story (and some of their real videos!) below. 

The story

When we met them, Ancira Nissan was using a software called Snapcell. With it, they’d had great success, up to a point. The problem? Their team wasn’t using it as consistently as they could. 

They told us that their goal was to send a video follow-up to every single lead. They had such great success with video messaging, now they just wanted to make sure they were absolutely maximizing their potential. 

They identified three main challenges that they wanted to solve. First and foremost, they needed to be able to integrate the software with their CRM, Vinsolutions, so that all their data was in the same place.

Next, they had to make sure it was simple enough that their sales team would actually use it.

Finally, they wanted to cut out as many extra steps as possible. For example, if they could use one software to video message and send quotes, great! 

Snapcell did some but not all of the things listed above. Before they made the switch to what we offered, Ancira Nissan, naturally, had a few questions.

Why they made the switch

Watch Ancira Nissandiscuss how they ultimately made the decision to switch to Quickpage:

According to Ancira Nissan, one significant difference betweenQuickpage and Snapcell is the fact that Quickpage could combine customized payments, walk-around videos, and chat in one place.

They also saw that besides just saving on cost, Quickpage could also saveon back-and-forth communications. 

In addition, unlike the software they were using, Quickpage would let them send a custom quote in under a minute. This meant that they could follow up with a leadas soon as theycame in. 

The last piece of the puzzle for Ancira Nissan was our demo. Once they saw what we could do for them, they immediately switched to Quickpage. 

They started noticing the benefits right away.. 

They start sending a video message to every lead

Immediately, they saw an increase in customer response. As we mentioned earlier, before they joined Quickpage, Ancira Nissan was already using video for most of their leads and doing fairly well. By simply switching to our service and following up with every single lead instead, their show-up rate increased by 11%.

If they saw such a significant difference just by following following up with most leads versus following up with every single lead, imagine how much more dramatic that number would have been if they had gone from no video follow-up whatsoever! 

It’s important to note that Ancira Nissan receives 2,000 leads monthly. With Quickpage, each oneof those 2,000 people get a personal video message. Even with numbers that high, Ancira Nissan reports that the process was and is smooth and manageable for the entire staff. 

Customers are impressed

That level of ease when shopping for a car leaves a powerful impression, and shortly afterwards, the positive reviews started pouring in. 

Watch the leadership at Ancira talk about it in the video below.

Customers would leave reviews saying how happy they were to receive a video right away and how seamless the whole process was. Many mentioned how, if they had a question, they’d immediately receive an answer via text.

You can find these reviews on Google, of course, but that’s not all. Quickpage also has an integration with DealerRater and if a the customer doesn’t have a Google account where they can leave their review, Quickpage automatically directs them to DealerRater. So most of their reviews go there—and dealers know how valuable a good reputation is on that site. 

It really can’t be overstated how valuable these reviews are. We all buy things based on reviews these days. That’s probably why they were getting the insane number of leads discussed below.

How they got every salesperson to use it

Ancira Nissan had a very specific goal: follow up with every single lead with a video message. They already knew how powerful video messaging was—we didn’t need to convince them. They were also already very successful compared to their competitors. 

They were looking for software so frictionless, 100% of the salespeople used it 100% of the time. That’s a tall order.

Salespeople are good at sales—not necessarily pros at technology. If there are too many steps to use new software, people just aren’t going to use it…(Why do you think Apple spends billions making your phone pretty and easy to use?)

Quickpage fits the boot because it’s simple. The salespeople at Ancira Nissan love that it does things like automatically assign follow-ups to a particular salesperson. That means that all the salesperson has to do is shoot the walk-around video for the right car and fill out the response. They can even generate a quote to shoot over on demand.

The process is so clean and integrated that management can easily track who and who isn’t sending videos. If they need to, they can they can identify employees that are falling behind and talk to them about it. 

Having a process in place makes sure salespeople don’t have an option but to use the integrated software. The salespeople certainly don’t mind—they see huge benefits to their own bottom lines. 

Sales Reps Hold on Gross

Simple, integrated software is a powerful way to get every salesperson to use new software. 

Another good motivator is money.

Because every lead gets a personal video, they feel more attached to the car that they want. They have already built rapport with the salesperson, too, so they’re much less likely to fight on price. Since car salespeople work on commission, that means that they have a higher take-home pay.

Watch the team discuss this below.

You can see on the video how excited they are about this—and no wonder. If a solution is getting you more and better reviews, more leads, AND clearing you more gross, that’s a lot of value at once.  

How we do support and onboarding

At Quickpage, we believe in providing top tier support and onboarding. We don’t do it because it makes us look good, but because we know that quality support and onboarding leads to higher user adoption and, ultimately, more success for the dealership.

We also know that if a dealership has this 5-star experience, they are more likely to incorporate our product into other departments, like the service department. If they share about us via word of mouth and introduce our product to other dealerships in their group, all the better!

Easy to say, another thing to actually do. Lucky for us, we have some proof.

The Bottom Line

In short, anytime they had a suggestion to the Quickpage team, we were able to accommodate it. In their experience, most software companies would not allow that sort of flexibility or personal responsiveness. 

When asked why they continue to use Quickpage month after month, they responded, “Because it works.” 

Listen to them talk about it below.

They have more leads, more sales, and more reviews. Ancira Nissan not only reached their goal of reaching 100% of their leads with video messages but also got more than they bargained for. 

Stories like these are what drive us (no pun intended). We love to see our customers experience the power of Quickpage for themselves.

Interested in learning how to incorporate video into your team’s sales process? Book your 1-1 demo here.

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