Quickpage is the #1 alternative to BombBomb

Quickpage is more than just a one trick pony

BombBomb lets you send a one-off video over email. With Quickpage, you can create dedicated video pages in minutes, and talk to your hottest leads while they’re watching.

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5 min learning curve
Alternative to BombBomb
BombBomb vs Quickpage
  • Overly complex features
  • Confusing advanced functionality
  • Limited videos per email
  • No SMS video delivery
  • No live chat
  • No real-time updates
  • No video email signature
  • No custom domain
  • Starting at $39/mo limited features
quickpage logo
  • Essential features you’ll actually use
  • Simple navigation and intuitive design
  • Unlimited videos and media per page
  • Send SMS videos (with GIF)
  • Built in live chat
  • Real-time updates
  • 1 click video email signature embed
  • Custom sub-domain and CNAME
  • Starting at $39/mo full features
I have always looked for an alternative to BombBomb to be able to “wow” my consulting customers and Quickpage was THAT alternative. The onboarding process was a breeze.
Patrick M
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Quickpage wins on reviews

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Good for teams and individual accounts

Is video paying off for your sales team?

OR Is your sales team struggling to adapt to digital retailing?

Video can improve your show rate, and give your sales
team back the best part of their competitive
edge — their personality.
The money is in the follow up. If you use BombBomb to send one-off video emails, you can surely capture a lead’s attention. But can you close the sale?

bombbomb alternative

Quickpage helps you grab attention and close sales, in a single place

No more disjointed communication with leads. Unlike BombBomb, Quickpage allows you to share video(s), images, YouTube, screen recordings, PDF’s all in one place along with a live chat for frictionless communication.

bombbomb alternative

BombBomb vs Quickpage

It’s not just about sending a video
It’s about creating an unforgettable
customer experience

Reach customers where they are

Customers want better buying experiences. Don’t just stick to one channel. Deliver personalized video messages via email and SMS Text (with a GIF), from your phone or desktop, through most CRMs, or just by copy-pasting your link anywhere.

Quickpage has helped me set appointments, sell vehicles and most importantly, deliver a higher quality experience for my customers.
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Casey Clausen
Sales Associate
Verified Quickpage review on Facebook
quickpage email sms
Live chat

Communicate with your leads in real time

Send video pages from your phone or desktop by a live chat is critical for lead engagement and this is where Quickpage stands head and shoulders above BombBomb. Quickpage lets you stay in touch with leads via live chat and saves your entire conversation for quick reference.

Quickpage is easy to use and lets me check my pages and send live messages even when I’m out of the office.
Craig Sheffield
Verified Quickpage review on Facebook
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Never lose time to clunky and confusing software

No more wasted time trying to learn and use new technology. You have problems that need to be solved today. With the average learning curve for Quickpage being 35 minutes or less, you can start seeing results from day one of sign up.

Great UI/UX with easy set-up, efficient on-boarding with concise tutorial videos and a VERY knowledgeable FB group: Stand out Sales – by Quickpage.
Ross B
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Update your customer with new content in real time

Someone loves your video and wants to see more? Quickpage is the only app of it’s kind that allows you to update your customer page in REAL TIME. Need to add or replace a video, image, doc or text on the page? No need to send over a new email or link. Your customer can even subscribe to page updates!

With Quickpage, I can send my clients a personalized video with ALL my ideas, certifications, downloads and CTAs in LESS than 3 minutes.
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Daniel Isaiah
Verified Quickpage review on Facebook
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Getting started is as easy
as pressing record

BombBomb can be a bit overwhelming for non-techy people. Quickpage removes all complicated setup and integrations to get you straight to the fun part — connecting with leads.

Industry specific features that you will LOVE

Quickpage is a swiss army knife of a tool for ANY sales position that requires a follow up with another human. A big advantage of using Quickpage over BombBomb is that we are listening to USERS on what industry specific features will help them save time and
sell more using Quickpage.


Automotive industry

bombbomb alternative automotive 1

Real Estate

Real Estate industry

bombbomb alternative real estate 1

Other industries

Other industries

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Exclusive Facebook group

Join a community of Stand-out Sales PROs

Get access to our private Facebook group with 3.6K members, and see how other pros are crushing email marketing and sales with Quickpage.

facebook group

Direct integrations with Calendly, Twilio, and thousands more via Zapier

Zapier integration is available on all Quickpage plans. Connect Quickpage to your CRM and sales tools so your team always has easy access to inventory and leads.

quickpage integrations

Quickpage gives you deep insights into your customers

Quickpage doesn’t just track how many people watched your video in total, it identifies each viewer, showing you which
prospects are ready to close.

Live lead alert

See when a user is on your page

Email tracking

See who opened your emails

Watch tracking

See who watched your videos

Time on page

See how long a lead stayed on your page

Capture leads

Get contact details for unknown leads

Consolidate your sales data with Quickpage’s CRM Integrations

You have enough dashboards to manage. Quickpage integrates with the three leading automotive CRMs (with more coming soon), so that you can view all of your sales and marketing
analytics in the same place.


VinSolutions integrations
for Quickpage

bombbomb alternative vinsolutions 1


Elead integrations
for Quickpage

bombbomb alternative elead 2


DealerSocket integrations
for Quickpage

bombbomb alternative dealersocket 1


DealerPeak integrations
for Quickpage


Quickpage vs BombBomb

Quickpage gives you more sales power for the same price

BombBomb’s lowest plan is too limited. Quickpage helps you engage with leads and prospects using live chat, SMS, voice messages and more sales closing tools, without having to pay more.

Quickpage vs Bombbomb
(Not so) Basic plan
Bombbomb vs Quickpage
Essentials plan
Videos per page/email
Send from desktop
Send videos from your Gmail, Chrome browser, iOS or Android device, and desktop.
Only if you upgrade to Plus
Live chat
Talk to leads while they’re on your page
Send videos via SMS
Increase your open rates with GIF-enabled texts
Automatic captions
Hit record and that’s it
Only if you upgrade to Plus
Add images
As many as you need
Only if you upgrade to Plus
YouTube integration
Pull any video from YouTube
Manually copy and paste and links, which don’t show up as videos
Request video from customers
Ask leads to record videos for context or to send you testimonials
Only if you upgrade to Plus and your lead has a BombBomb account as well
Voice messages
Leads can send voice messages through your live chat
Calendly integration
Get leads to book with you from your page
Detailed analytics
See who’s watching and engaging with your videos
Only if you upgrade to Plus
Mass sending
Share to 500 & engage with each lead privately
Limited to 10 people
Upgrade to Plus to get more than 3,500 contacts
Canned messages
Never re-type the same message again
Add more content to your page
Updated in real time
Video library
Record videos and reuse them forever
Industry-specific features for automotive and real estate
We keep adding features for specific use cases
30-day money back guarantee

Love Quickpage, or get your money back

With a 7-day free trial, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and one-day setup, you can try Quickpage without rocking the boat. If you don’t generate new sales from it, we’ll refund your subscription — no questions asked.

Lucky for me, no one at my dealership has stepped out to use Quickpage. Maybe that’s why I’m selling more cars than they are.
testimonial large avatar 1
Ed Morton
Sales Consultant – Community Kia, Honda, Toyota
Verified Quickpage review on G2

BombBomb vs Quickpage

Answers to some questions
you may have

What is a follow up video?

A follow up video is a video sent to a prospect after they’ve already connected with a digital marketing professional or sales person. The purpose of a follow up video is to recap important points mentioned during the last meeting and prompt the prospect to take the next step. It works just as an email or phone follow up, but you can leverage video’s rich nature to build a personal connection with the prospect and better showcase your inventory.

How is Quickpage better than free messaging apps?

There are many free options if you want to send videos to your customers, but none of them are built for sales. Here’s how most free options limit your abilities as a salesperson:

– Sending a video text directly and out of the blue can come off as unprofessional.
– SMS downgrades files, resulting in low resolution videos.
– YouTube videos filled with ads and distractions are not the best place to send customers to — they might find your competitors’ videos there.
– Free video options don’t show you who’s opening and engaging with your videos, so you never know when to follow up.

With Quickpage, your HD videos live in one place with no distractions.

Is this a more affordable BombBomb alternative?

Quickpage’s Basic plan gives you all of the tools you need to do video email marketing outreach, for the same price as Bombbomb’s Essentials plan — but with more features.

Is it easy to record and upload videos with Quickpage?

Not only is it easy, but you can create a Quickpage right from your phone OR your desktop. Here’s how:
1 – Create a new page using the New Page button
2 – Hit Record Video
3 – Either record your screen or yourself
4 – Tap to add buttons, links, text, and images right from your CRM

How do you use a video in sales?

Video is primarily known for its attention-grabbing power, but video emails can be used to stay in contact with hot leads and drive conversions at many different points in your sales funnel. Here are a few other ways you can use videos to drive sales
– Using video in cold outreach to increase open rates.
Identifying your hottest leads by the total % of your video watched.
– Demoing your product on a personalized video, so the prospect can watch it on their own time.
– Leveraging marketing automation to send a follow-up video a few days after a prospect has watched your last video.
– Making actionable videos that request prospects to take a specific step, like asking them to reply to you with video.

Can I make this work even if I know nothing about showing up on video?

A lot of people worry about being perfectly put together to be on camera. You don’t have to be an influencer to be on camera though — just be yourself! People respond to REAL human beings, not marketing images. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable, whether that means being on camera, or shooting a video of a vehicle and talking behind the camera. Tips to include your on-cam presence include:
– Sitting up straight
– Relaxing your face
– Looking directly into the camera
– Smiling at your prospect

Video marketing is not like a TV show where everything needs to be perfect. Just show up being yourself. Leads will immediately connect with your vibe and appreciate your personal approach.

Will this work in my industry where people are not used to video marketing?

Most customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Even if video is still relatively new to your industry, it’s favored by consumers, and will likely be the standard best practice before you know it. Video marketing emails are effective regardless of industry or business size because humans are biologically wired to favor visuals. In fact, the less your competitors are doing video marketing, the easier it will be for you to stand out with video.

What is the average increase in open rates/conversion rates?

Just adding the word “video” to your email subject lines can increase open rates by 19% and click rates by 65%.