How to Shoot a Walk Around Video Customers Will Love

Chad Morgan

How to Shoot a Walk Around Video Customers Will Love

Between chip shortages, low or lacking inventory on lots, and sky-rocketing vehicle price tags, it’s hard to find a car salesperson or potential car buyer who has been enjoying the current automotive marketing climate. Even the 5% of salespeople who are already sending a walk around video to their leads are feeling the struggle.

Consumers are discouraged, and they don’t want to participate in the arduous process of driving around from dealership to dealership, talking to numerous salespeople, testing out multiple cars, and reading through hundreds of reviews just to make sure they are doing business with the “best” dealership.

More than ever, local dealerships are having to contend with industry disruptors like Carvana and Vroom. Now we know Carvana just took a major hit, but we can’t ignore the fact that many buyers prefer a more virtual car buying experience.

Carvana and companies like it are popular because they give customers a way to purchase cars without ever having to leave the house or talk to a salesperson. They’ve (to a point) overcome the main barrier to online car purchases–the inability to test drive.

How did they take car dealership marketing online? They adapted their technology to offer things like allowing you to search for your desired make/model, features, price range, etc. They even show you a 360° view of the car online or on an app.

Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia explained the psychology behind online automotive marketing best: 

We said, is there a way to use technology to let a customer take themselves through the whole experience? Is there a way we can merchandize the car where they can experience online and get as good a feel for what the car is about as if they would have got it in person?

Though it may seem like online dealers have a throttle-hold on the industry, they don’t have everything a local dealership does. Despite all their bells and whistles, and sky high car vending machines, they lack the human element. They lack the ability to build the rapport, the trust, the relationship. 

(And let’s not forget that you can’t see the car, take it to your mechanic’s, or anything else before you buy it sight unseen.) Regardless, for better or for worse, consumers want this type of buying experience—they want to be able to use technology to guide themselves to a purchase.

So what’s the winning formula for local dealerships? Is there a way they can use technology in the same way, combining the convenience of the online market with all the advantages of working with real people? 

The answer, of course, is yes. It’s simple…it’s a walk around video. Are you using video yet? If so, well done! But are you using it to your full advantage with the walk around video? Let’s talk about it.

Why walk around videos compete

They remind people why they like car shopping in person

People love buying cars online…they don’t have to talk to anyone! However, there is no substitute for the experience of test driving your car. 🚙

Walk around videos are a GREAT way to remind customers how good it is to see, hear, touch, and smell their vehicle before making a purchase. 

Walk around videos shorten the sales cycle

By the time a customer comes in, they’ve already spent time (virtually) with their potential car-to-be AND you, their salesperson. They’re already in love with the car, and they know they want to do business with you. This saves the dealership and customer time; it’s a win-win! And if the car they’ve already said, “I do” to becomes unavailable or doesn’t fit their budget, you’ve earned their trust to guide them to their perfect vehicle.

PLUS, tell me I’m wrong–If you had your choice between a cold lead, or a repeat referral customer, you’d choose the repeat referral. 

Why is that? 

Because that car buyer is coming in warm and ready to do business. It’s a shorter buying cycle and the whole buying experience is different because you don’t have to spend that time upfront trying to earn customer trust.

Walk around videos stand out

We hear this story from consumers far too often: They’ve started their car shopping journey, and it’s NOT going well. The follow-up they’ve been receiving has been…less than ideal. 

They’re getting inundated with either 1) canned emails with vehicles they didn’t even ask about, or 2) they keep getting calls or texts nonstop. 🤦🏽🤦🏻‍♀️

What do they do in response? They dodge and weave! You’re never going to hear from them again (except perhaps a month later when out of guilt and tired of screening your calls, they finally answer…to tell you they went with someone else). Yikes. 😬 I’m cringing for you both.

Are you guilty of these tactics? Far too many salespeople are. What if, instead, you sent a walk around video as a second follow-up?

Picture this: Your lead’s phone lights up. They see your message and click on the video. They’re greeted by name with a friendly hello, and a tour around and inside the vehicle. There’s even an easy way to book an appointment. 

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This is a MUCH better option. In just a few minutes, you’ve gone from stranger to acquaintance. You’re one step closer to closing that sale. AND they won’t ghost you. 👻

Ready to give it a whirl? It doesn’t have to be scary. Check out these tips and shoot your first (or new and improved) walk around video today.

How to shoot a walk around video

Keep it short and simple

First thing’s first, keep your videos to two minutes or less. Do NOT drone on. Do NOT wax poetic.

Your customer doesn’t want a seven-minute video. Send them one, and they’ll assume you’re going to talk their ear off when they come into the dealership. We all know that salesperson, the one folks dread getting into a long conversation with. Leave them wanting more!


Add a 30-second introduction

Start with a quick introduction where you address the customer by name. It may seem like a small thing, but a personal touch like this creates a sense of familiarity and trust between you and your customer. It elevates the buying experience for them and shortens the sales cycle for you!


Highlight what you love about the vehicle

Don’t get caught up in trying to show your prospect every single thing about the vehicle. If you do, you’ll end up with that nap-inducing seven-minute video we just counseled you to avoid. Instead, highlight three things you absolutely love about that vehicle.

Select one thing from each of the three following categories:

  1. Performance capabilities
  2. Safety and comfort
  3. Design and savings

When you’re talking about what you like about the vehicle, don’t think about it clinically. Think about and tap into your lead’s emotions. It’s not just about features, it’s also about benefits.

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Benefits versus features

Here’s the difference between the two: A feature is what that particular thing does or is, and a benefit is what that feature means to the customer emotionally.

For example, want to talk about a safety-reinforced roof? Don’t forget to mention its benefit. Say something like, “This is gonna keep you safe in a rollover collision.” Now it’s not just a roof, it’s protection for your family. It’s assurance. It’s peace of mind.

Always shoot in landscape mode

The human eye wants to take in the whole world in widescreen, to see as much as possible. While it might be easier on your hand to shoot in vertical mode, it’s less appealing to watch…Plus, you can’t show as much of the vehicle! So always, always shoot in landscape mode.

Bonus camera tip: To keep your videos from looking shaky, get yourself Gimbal! These handheld devices mechanically stabilize your camera so that your videos look suuuuper smooth, no matter how much you whip the camera around. 🎥😛

Entice them to act

Now, this is important. At the end of your walk around video, add a clear call to action (CTA). 

Say something like, “You’re gonna want to get here to try out this navigation system for yourself. When you come in, we’ll do a test drive so you can see how easy it is to use”. You can go ahead and book an appointment right now…I’ll see you soon!”

And that’s it, folks! Go forth and conquer. We can’t wait to see all your new walk around videos. P.S. You can use Quickpage for all your video follow ups…Start a free trial today!

P.S.S. Click here to see some real examples from users sending walk around vidoes to customers.

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