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Why Video is the New Game Changer for Auto Dealers
Chad Morgan
CEO, Quickpage

If including video on a page can increase customer conversion by 80%, it’s probably time to start giving video more of a priority at your dealership. More and more marketing professionals are saying that video is a powerful driver for sales.


Mark Zuckerburg, after seeing the success of videos on Facebook, put it plainly when he said, “We see a world that is video-first with video at the heart of all our apps and services.”

Is video at the heart of your dealership? If not, it’s time to change. YouTube expert, Casey Neistat, recently said that, “Video is no longer an option when it comes to representing your business. It is absolutely essential.”

With so many customers consuming video multiple times a day, it becomes clear just how essential video is to today’s dealerships. When used in a creative and effective way, video can be the ultimate sales tool.


So how can video propel your dealership to an increase in sales?

Let’s find out.

Video Engages Your Customers

Why do so many people watch so many videos? Because videos are much more attention-grabbing than reading the same information in text form, and often more engaging than just a picture or a meme. Videos appeal to more of our senses than other forms of online content. Naturally your audience will be drawn to content that is more engaging.


Videos are increasingly becoming even more engaging as time goes on. Different video platforms allow viewers to comment or chat directly with the creator of the video, either as the video is being published live or some time after. That communication between the customer and whoever is creating the video helps that viewer to feel valued, like their opinion matters.

Video Make Your Customers Trust You

Videos can, and often do, use special effects, yet they still feel more real to us than a lot of other mediums. Seeing your face, hearing your voice, and watching your mannerisms will help your audience to better trust you. You seem more real to them than just a name on a webpage. Dealerships by nature are always striving to more effectively create a relationship of trust with their customers, so why not use video to help?


Video Can Make You Appear More Authentic

Live videos are becoming more and more popular. The great thing about live video is that you don’t need a large studio, huge production costs, or a lot of prep time to make a good video. Your audience wants to see you come as you are. A video you create in your normal clothes at the dealership, even just recorded on your smartphone, feels more real to your customers than a full-out production. That authenticity also builds trust among your audience.


Video Helps you Make a Personal Human Connection

When customers see your character and engage with you as a real person their desire to do business with you will dramatically increase. Nothing helps quite as much in sales as making a personal connection with your customer. Videos can provide the perfect place to do just that.

A recent study showed that dealerships saw increased foot-traffic and more sales when they implemented video in their marketing campaign. The best results came when dealerships and brands “[embraced] a one-to-one model instead of one-to-many.” Customers want to feel personally connected to a salesperson, and they want to feel that they matter.


One of the best one-to-one models that can accomplish both of these needs is through Quickpage. This sales app can transform how your dealership interacts with its customers by breaking down barriers between your sales and service representatives and the customer.

Quickpage allows you to upload videos you create to a personalized webpage for your customer. If you want to follow-up with the customer, rather than cold call them and receive a negative response, you can send your customer a link to their own Quickpage.

On that page, they can watch your videos personally directed at them, read up on any information you want to send, and chat with you live if they do have further questions. It’s simple to use, effectively uses videos to engage your customers, and builds an environment where the salesperson can present themselves as a real human.

Stop waiting to make video part of your sales approach, and download Quickpage for free today. Make that human connection with your customers through Quickpage!

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