Six Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Video (#2 is the Best)

Chad Morgan

Six Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Video (#2 is the Best)

It’s not up for debate—salespeople who use video follow up close more deals. But for many people, recording a video can little (or a lot) scary. Did you know that the fear of public speaking is more common than the fear of death? No joke! Around 73% of the US population gets cold and clammy at the very idea of it.

Held back by the fear of video, only 5% of sales representatives are using video follow-up today. That’s a shame because using video is a no-brainer!

Seriously, did you know that 71% of sales professionals agree that video follow-up emails outperform text-based emails? If you can overcome your fear and join that 5%, you could be doubling your sales right now without doing any extra work.

So how do you get over the fear of being on camera? Here’s our advice: Follow these six steps…and just hit record.

1. DON’T overthink it

Overthinking keeps you from accomplishing your goals and aspirations. It stunts your success! So when you’re getting ready to record a video, don’t. Just get started! 

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. Your customers don’t care if you’re sitting in a library with a top hat or reclining in the back of a pickup truck. Think about this too: there’s no TIME to overthink. Say you have 90 videos to make in one day…you have to get moving. Remember, the first step is taking a step. You can do it!


2. Be you!

The most important part of sales is relationship building. So, come into your videos with the following mindset: You’re a real person, looking to help another real person right away. Your sincerity will come across in the video.

The secret to the perfect video follow-up is connecting in a personal and meaningful way, so don’t be afraid to include people or things that show YOUR personality, like your dog or family. This, once again, shows your lead that you’re a real person and makes you relatable.

You don’t need a fancy script or special effects to create a great video—Be yourself, and you’ll build an immediate bond with your buyers.

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3. Speak from the heart…and get on with it!

Should you edit your videos? Our founder, CEO, and consummate sales guru Chad Morgan says NO. 🙅‍♂️ Why not? 

Simple: it slows down the process of taking action. Your ego may urge you to play around with your video and add logos and branding. However, customers do not care about your extra production. 

We repeat—customers do not care about your extra production. 

They care about engagement. So, capture a raw video from the heart and send it! 


Thirty percent of deals go to those that engage first. If you can avoid it, why spend five minutes editing? Get the whole thing online as fast as you can so you can start building those relationships and closing those deals.

4. Make eye contact

When you record your video sales message, look directly into the lens and build eye contact. This is important first because it helps your customer feel like they know you as they put a face to the name and look right back at you through the screen.

Also, if you don’t maintain eye contact, it’ll look like you’re talking to yourself, not your customer! Subtly, you communicate ego…Whoops!


5. Be intentional about your body language

Now, this next tip might sound a little counterintuitive at first. After all, didn’t we just tell you to act naturally and authentically? When we say be intentional about your body language, we don’t mean plan out every sweep of the hand. We mean: 

Smile (not manically, of course🤪)! 

This might sound a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many folks get nervous and neglect to smile at the camera! It’s true what they say: people want to buy from happy people.

Talk with your hands

Don’t overexaggerate with your arms and hands, but don’t hold them down at your sides or fold them either. Use them! 

Have you ever tried to talk with someone sitting there with their arms folded? Did that posture inspire confidence in you? Probably not! Crossing your arms conveys a sense of defensiveness and lack of interest in the conversation. That’s very much NOT what you want.

With natural and expressive body language, you can emphasize just how much you believe in your product and how well you think it’ll fit your customer’s needs without ever actually saying so. Plus, gestures create a sense of action and bring energy to the conversation.

Get in motion

Don’t just stand there! Whether you’re conducting a walk-around video of a brand new vehicle or you’re introducing yourself to a lead, make sure that you walk while you talk. This subconsciously says that you’re going somewhere.


TLDR; 93% of communication is voice inflection and body language. You don’t have to act overly silly or emphatic, but if you want to succeed you MUST be aware of how you’re talking, moving, and otherwise communicating with your body.

6. Determine your call to action before you start your video

Finally, know your intention before you start your video and determine your CTA. If you don’t know where your video is going, neither will your customers. 

Ask yourself, “What’s my intention for this video? What do I want out of it?” For example, perhaps you want the video recipient to schedule an appointment, respond to an email, or re-engage. Figure this out, and center your video around getting to that CTA.

When you already know your CTA, your message can be shorter, sweeter, and more to the point…and that means you’ll get more engagement.


That’s it! Use these six tips to banish your stage fright and start recording your follow-up videos today. 

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