Case Studies - July 27, 2021
Automotive Video Email Case Study – Ryan Chevrolet of Minot, ND

Quickpage will make your cars sell like umbrellas in a rainstorm. Many companies claim they can help your reps sell cars. But none of them can back it up the way we can. Here are some metrics that’ll really rev your engine:  Users of Quickpage in automotive sell 3-5 more cars per month on average […]

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Uncategorized - June 12, 2017
An Auto Industry Influencer and 2 Bad Ass Sales Guys That are Bringing Customer Service to a New Level

Customer Experience TRUMPS PRICE Auto dealers are facing a variety of unique challenges in 2017. One of the biggest challenges they face is learning how to effectively train their sales teams to improve the customer experience, engage with customers on a personal level and then make the right sale—not just any sale. Unfortunately getting sales […]

Uncategorized - May 30, 2017
5 Easy Ways to Be a Salesperson Your Customers Can Trust

Salespeople typically get a bad reputation for being untrustworthy. The odds are against you, but gaining your customer’s trust is crucial to your sales. It’s time to beat the odds. via GIPHY In a 2016 study, customers were asked what they disliked most about the car-buying process. The customer responses to the study were compared […]

Uncategorized - April 18, 2017
Why Video is the New Game Changer for Auto Dealers

If including video on a page can increase customer conversion by 80%, it’s probably time to start giving video more of a priority at your dealership. More and more marketing professionals are saying that video is a powerful driver for sales. via GIPHY Mark Zuckerburg, after seeing the success of videos on Facebook, put it […]

Uncategorized - April 06, 2017
Increase Sales With This Face-to-Face Communication Guide

No matter how great the discounts at your dealership may be, if you come across to customers as the Severus Snape of salespeople, you’ll have a difficult time making any sales. How we present ourselves has a larger impact on those we meet than we’d like to believe. A first impression can make or break […]

Uncategorized - February 28, 2017
4 Unconventional Ways to Grab Your Customer’s Attention

Attention is the name of the game when it comes to advertising as an auto dealership. You don’t just want to market your dealership, you want to do it in a way that makes your customers stop in their tracks and pay close attention to what you have to say. However, times are changing, especially […]


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